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About Us

Concord Management Resources (Concord) understands the needs of Associations to grow and retain their membership. The most widely requested “member benefit” is a viable and cost-effective health care option. To thrive in this economic and virtual environment, Associations from around the country are realizing the need to become calculated risk takers and establish alternative health plans to compete with the commercial insurance carriers and offer a value add to their membership.


Concord offers solutions to these Associations and can assist in solving their member’s healthcare benefits needs by providing an Association or MEWA health plan. As an insurance management and consulting company, the Concord team has extensive experience in establishing several unique self-insured arrangements such as, MEWA’s, Association Health Plans, Single Employer Trusts and Captive Solutions. We have established these arrangements in multiple states over the past 20-plus years and have built the expertise and infrastructure to support the needs of these unique plans which helps to reduce significant overhead and direct start-up costs of management and staffing. 


Highlights of Concord's experience includes:

  • Over 20 years in the build-out and operations of Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement (MEWA) health plans

  • Trusted partner for associations across multiple states

  • Helped grow sponsoring associations membership by over 3x, by creating member-friendly health plan alternatives

  • Manages over 50,000 employer-sponsored health plan lives (employer size - 1 to 500)

  • Currently serves 8% of small employer NJ market

  • Key successes over the last 10 years include less than 10% in annual healthcare fee increases, greater than 90% retention, and over 25% annual growth 

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